Friday, February 19, 2010

Sign Scandal Rocks La Pomponnée Salon & Spa

The citizens of Mt. Lebanon are reeling from a signage scandal that has shaken this close-knit town to its very core. At the center is popular local salon and spa, La Pomponnée, an AVEDA spa, they'll have you know, that offers everything from "hair design" to "holistic skin care" to "sea mud body wraps".

By exploring their website, you will note that they consistently and unerringly refer to the business as "La Pomponnée" (see screenshot below), with the accent on the second-to-last letter.

(All images shown completely unaltered.)

This all seems well and good... until you book your appointment.

Any resident who proceeds to arrive at the business in question is immediately and irrevocably jolted into a state of confusion and/or rage upon being confronted by the following image.

Yes, dear citizens, you are reading that correctly. The establishment's physical sign, without explanation or provocation, places the accented character at the END of the name.

La Pomponnée (henceforth we will use the spelling seen most often in its corporate communications) did not respond to a Fake Lebo email request for comment.

This breach of public trust no doubt calls into question the spa's committment to "make you look and feel fabulous" as their website promises, for without regard to consistency or appearances they have thrown caution to the wind and altered their very identity right in front of our trusting eyes.

As the concerned populace of our beloved town, we can only hope that patrons rise up in protest and demand that La Pomponnée right these wrongs. Because without a keen critical eye, furious attention to detail, and a maniacal desire to be perfect in all things, this town would crumble to the level of several of our neighboring communities. Like Dormont.

See proof of these devious acts at:
(Official website)
(Navigate to Google Street View at 659 Washington Road, Pittsburgh, PA)

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  1. I've always been mystified by the pronounciation of il pizzaiolo . . .so we just call it eleven pizza ten ten . . .