Sunday, February 14, 2010

"If This is Cubic Zirconia, I'm Filing For Divorce"


Gee, thanks, Hubby! This diamond-studded bracelet will certainly turn heads at the Mt. Lebanon Tennis Center come summer. (I will stick to Pilates until then because I hear the bubble courts give you fibromyalgia.)

My only concern, though, is a grave one. On our last Lebo Ladies to Broadway trip ("Billy Elliot" if I need to remind you), I believe I saw something terribly similar in that awful bastion of pseudo-technology and fashion dreck, SkyMall.

Couple that with the Russell Stover chocolates that came with it, and I am one tight-wound bunch of nerves. Am I no longer your bright-shining pampered princess, and you my brave knight of industry?

Well, let's just go down to the Clark Building for an appraisal and find out.

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