Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Belated RIP: Towne Fair

In 1993, residents were pleased to learn that the long-vacant Abe's Model-T Horseless Carriage dealership in Uptown Mt. Lebanon was to be converted to operating business space. That sentiment turned to horror, however, when they realized it was to be a youth entertainment center.

Towne Fair (or "Town Faire" or "Towne Faire" as it was also known) offered video games, go-kart racing, and snack food -- in other words, three of the "Top 10 Things that Could Kill Uptown Lebo," according to a township-commissioned report.

While Mt. Lebanon schoolchildren studied at the local library, rowdy kids from other towns poured in to alternately party at the Towne Fair and vandalize our beloved stone Tudors.

Resident outrage grew to a fever pitch. "Sure, Chuck E. Cheese has rodents and beer, but at least it's in Bridgeville," said one Washington Road resident. Activists distributed tract pamphlets entitled "Kids From Other Towns Don't Belong in Lebo". Finally, on the night of April 14th, 1994, the Lebo Homeowners Association organized a mob carrying torches and pitchforks to drive off the owners and restore the property to its rightful purpose -- long periods of vacancy.

RIP Towne Fair. Your leisure activities promoted intemperance and debauchery of the most wicked sort in our beloved community, and you will not be missed.


  1. As a non-native, I'm not exactly sure where this was. What's there now?