Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nail Salon? Not In My Backyard! by Helen Montgomery Davenport

An ominous warning shot has just streaked across the hull of this majestic vessel we call Mt. Lebanon, as news comes that a nail salon chain has our fair city in its crosshairs.

We must unite to defend our homes from this invasion! Imagine the pollution, disease, and foreign workers such a business would impose on our town, to say nothing of the awful NEON lights in the window. I mean, really, do you think this is Castle Shannon? Join me in the fight for goodness and decency.

Yours blessedly,
Helen Montgomery Davenport


  1. If this is allowed surely wig shops and check cashing will follow!!!

  2. Are tattoo parlors next? I mean, really.

  3. And next thing you know, the pawn shops will encroach. Thanks a lot, Slots Parlors.

  4. C'mon, all the dry heat of winter is destroying my feet. I am in need of a place to get a pedi.